A nice, cold beer tastes the best when it is served in a clean glass.
With the AquaFox system, you offer your guests not only a nice, clean glass but also a healthy environment. This smart system, that measures the number of glasses that are rinsed in the sink, releases the exact amount of water and soap needed, resulting in an optimum condition to rinse the glasses perfectly clean. Thus the AquaFox system limits the bacteria growth and guarantees a perfectly cleaned glass.
However, there is more to the AquaFox system than a perfectly rinsed glass. In comparison to a regular sink, this user-friendly system offers up to 70% water use reduction, increased rinsing activity and decreased glass erosion.



The AquaBrush is innovative beer brush that uses a sponge to clean the outside of the glass. The sponge touches the entire surface of the glass and removes any dirt, grease or lipstick with a single rotation.
The AquaBrush is available in 2 configurations:
Original => ideal for normal beer glasses, a minimum of rotation is required
Compact => ideal for larger beer glasses and cleaning two glasses simultaneously
Our goal is to maximize your cafe experience, by offering smart and sustainable solution to the cafe owner. Besides the AquaFox System and AquaBrush we offer the following products:
  • Nanofibre cleaning cloth for wine glasses
  • Water saving insert for taps
  • Special developed sink cleaner
  • Soap for the AquaFox system
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